Web 2.0 vs. Web 3.0

Web 2.0 is fun. Is there more fun in the Web 3.0?

In the long run, yes! In a first step Web 3.0 is more fun to the machines. They can understand what you write or say. In this context Web 3.0 is something for specialists and geeks. They have to ascertain that the data are published in the right form, i.e. with the right metadata. In a Web 3.0 webpage the user does not see anything of these data. But in a second step, if the data are properly understood by the machines, they can do wonders for the user, providing more exact search results and mappings of the data and enabling more flexible search queries in their natural language. So the way they process the data is very similar to the way we do it. If we say something, we usually refer to something external, a place, a person, an event or a complex thing as a journey or a destination.

There is ample use of Web 3.0-techniques in the Web 2.0. Facebook has structured data on its members, you can search them in a social graph. Google+ does use this techniques in a similar way. So for everyday communication it is important that you understand what the others mean, for the communication with machines like a search engine it is important for the machine to understand what you mean, to provide the proper results. In that sense Web 3.0 is more fun to the user, as he can ask his mobile or computer anything like: “I feel like holiday on the beach, with surfing, diving and having fun with my friends.”

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