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Topic Server IpSharemediaStanding on the shoulder of many open source projects, IP-ShareMedia provides several tools and consulting to unleash the big data intelligence. At first glance the Topic Server is a semantic search engine. Which provides features best known through Google, like synonym extension or N-Gram based auto-suggestion.

The informational basis is directly user configurable. So it is up to the user to define the data source (like databases, social media, web domains or intranets) and of course the update frequency.

With that, monitoring (rather data mining) of specific content is possible. In Opposite to the market leader the Topic Server is able to change the ranking algorithm right to your needs. In detail e.g. the latent semantic algorithm( on document or query basis is supported.

Ok, but where is the semantical benefit for tourism?

Built on top of state of the art open source frameworks, the topic server does customizable NLP (natural language processing). Provided by additional modules the Topic Server can extract names, locations, prices or points of interests right from publically available web sources. With that it is possible to monitor your competitor or just monitor the market. If wished the output format can be changed from JSON to RDF, there is a REST-API for that. So the Topic Server can plug-in your infrastructure and extend existing business.

Furthermore, with the clustering module of Topic Server it is possible to simply group specific content. So find competitors that are not yet known (via web crawler enrichment). Or just tag specific web content. The search capabilities can also used for effective marketing, e.g. for hotel groups and tourist boards or associations: They can delimit the scope of search to a certain topic, say, to their member websites or to a region of a certain destination. So they are able to give the customers clearly focussed information on their offers.

Nice, but what else?

Sentiment analyses (better known as opinion or emotion mining). Here the Topic Server can be used as basis for tracking a hotels reputation and their changes within social media or other publically available sources. This gives an insightful view on how customers acknowledge your business. By this you can also monitor short-term and long-term trends in the sentiment of your customers and competently react on them.

Finally, we are proud to say, that we are a young start-up and we are hosting with a maximum of data safety only in Germany.

To sum up how you can use VitosBee in the travel and tourism trade:

  • Social Media Monitoring and Sentiment/Reputation Analysis about tourist products and services
  • Monitoring of tendencies in a defined scope of your own data or public data of other sources (partners, competitors, providers of related information)
  • Extract data (adresses, e-mails, news etc.) from defined web sources in a structured, machine-readable form: CSV, XML, RDF, JSON
  • A clearly defined and configurable search function for public and internal data that is able to analyze queries in natural language
  • Find leads to previously unkonwn sources


The Topic Server Team at IP-Sharemedia

Vitosbee: turning data into honey

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