New Semantic Search Technology with automated Linking Logo Seamless Contextual Search, Query & Analytics

One of the most effective features of semantic search technology is the use and presentation of contextual information. So it is quite interesting in this context, when somebody launches a project under the domain The search technology, developed by the Vienna and New Jersey based company VALID provides a java-based, memory-optimized semantic search technology that automatically links heterogenous data sources and presents the results in a structured way.

Contextual is a name that the engine may use deservedly: It tries to understand the context of the search query, it contextualizes the database information and relation, and it presents the results within the context of many other relevant information. The present installation at uses several sources of structured, semi-structured and unstructured data sources as Wikipedia, Wikidata, PubMed and United Nations. The results, above all in company search, are impressive.

There is no question about the sense of using such technologies in the tourism and travel industry as well. Natural language input and even voice input on mobile devices and the automatic understanding of these data are the undisputed future of travel search and booking. It would be interesting to find out whether this search technology does proper automated linking in all travel specific matters. Automatic linking would be able to discover the „logics“ of the field you are in, say, as it is outlined in a „classical“ way at Open Travel Alliance.

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