Chinese Travellers and baby Milk Problems in China

The case was first brought to bring light by monitoring the government’s food security after complaints by the United States baby milk powder producer Abbott, who was fake.

In case of a case comes in the case of a case in 2008, after some producers of the Sunlove group, at least six children were added to their products to look like water under milk in the protein that died.

Hundreds of Tonnes Passed Milk Powder In China To Sell 19

Handling ruined Chinese public confidence in domestic milk powder products and supplies to Hong Kong supply.

Group-in-trial in Shanghai headed by Shanghai and Pan-painting, who had tested many years of milk powder to sell, was accused of buying low-grade milk powder and re-suspended as its honorable brands. Is.

He allegedly began to buy at least grade, household production products from the bombing in 2014, and then he reversed the status of more expensive than the same firm.

They started mixing cheap domestic and foreign milk powders in brand tenders manufactured by the following Abbott.

Total 12000 Canon of Fake Abbott Products was built. About 3,000 people were not detected, the office said.

After September 2015, the Shanghai Police surrounded him after Abbott reported the authorities to the authorities.

China’s Food Safety Watch Doug made public at a press conference in April last year after paying attention to these investigations throughout the country.

An employee in the Shanghai court told the South China Marking Post that many residents had requested for a Monday to attend the hearing.

The Shanghai Institute of Shanghai Institute and Technical Research examined fake branded milk powder for the police and it was found that it was on the quality of Chinese national baby milk powder and will harm the health of children.

Sales business under China’s law is more than 2 million yuan ($ 290,000 generated), can lead to life imprisonment in serious cases production and sales of fake products.

The Chinese government inquiries in selling fake baby milk formulas

China Food and Drug Administration was ordered from the authorities when the authorities defeated the misused children milk powder manufacturers and selling more than 17,000 tons in several provinces in Shanghai.

China News Service reported Monday that the monitoring inspector has been deployed to detect fake products in Shanghai.

Food and drug administration have asked the public to be careful when buying milk powder online and keeping the proper record of retailers through their products.

The Supreme Court’s proletateate told in a notice that the cheapest baby formula and adolescent milk powder on six complaints were accused of packaging as a tin of famous brands.

The products said that the products have been sold to the retailers in cities including Zangzhou, Zuzhou, Changsha, and Yanzhou, and then distributed in more areas without explanation.

The notice did not indicate the amount of baby formula batch or companies whose brands were fake.

According to officials, the group made about 2 million yuan (HK $ 2.4 million) in this scheme.

In early January, the Shanghai police requested seven people to arrest the arrest. The News Agency reported that the investigation was launched in September last year.

It is not the first fear of baby milk formulas in China.

In 2008, six young children died after protein added chemical fertilizers to 22 dairy companies to water.

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Is spontaneity your middle name? Are you always ready to pack your bags and go globetrotting on a new adventure at a moment’s notice? Are you someone who thinks time wasted on planning a trip is time you could have actually spend exploring a new place? But lately you have been thinking that you need something to keep a track of the places you explore around the world since it can get a bit confusing when you are constantly on the go. What you need is a map of the world. Not just any ordinary map though, a scratch off world travel map to carry around you.

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