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True Results of Getting the Net Working capital Now

The net working capital (PSC) of an enterprise is the difference between current assets and current liabilities. It is also called operating, working capital, and in traditional terminology – the company’s own working capital (SOS).

Net working capital can be calculated on the balance sheet in two ways: “from below” and “from above”. When calculating from below the PSC is part of the working capital that is covered by own funds and long-term liabilities:

  • PSC = current assets – short-term liabilities.
  • When calculating from above, the PSC is the amount of long-term funds that remains to finance working capital.
  • PSC = permanent capital – non-current assets = (equity + long-term borrowed capital) – non-current assets.

By the size of the PSC, you can judge whether the enterprise has enough permanent resources (own funds and long-term borrowings) to finance fixed assets (fixed assets), i.e. whether non-current assets are covered by such stable, reliable sources, which are the company’s own funds and long-term loans received by it. You will need to know what is net working capital also.

What Does That Mean?

  • This means that the enterprise generates more permanent resources than is necessary to finance fixed assets. This surplus can serve to cover other needs of the enterprise. This situation is favorable for the enterprise. It is more reasonable to finance permanent assets with constant liabilities.
  • This means that the company does not have enough resources to finance non-current assets. The situation is unfavorable, but not catastrophic for the enterprise.
  • If large-scale investments in fixed assets have not yet paid off, then with a good project outlook, we can talk about a temporary shortage of SOS, which eventually disappears: – retained earnings will increase the capital of the enterprise. If the deficit of working capital is observed from year to year, then the situation is more risky.
  • Management of net working capital implies the optimization of its value, structure, values ​​of its components.

The Right Value

With regard to the value, it is usually reasonable to increase it, as a positive trend. However, there may be exceptions, for example, growth due to bad debtors is unlikely to satisfy the financial manager.

From the point of view of factor analysis it is customary to allocate such components as production reserves, receivables, cash and short-term liabilities, i.e. the analysis is based on the following model:

  • PSC = OA-KO = Stocks + DZ + DS-KO, (9.2)
  • where OA – current assets;
  • Short-term liabilities;
  • DZ – accounts receivable;
  • DS-money.

All components are absolutely important in the model, but from the position of effective management, a particular role is played by current assets, since they serve as collateral for debt.

In the stocks of raw materials and finished products is invested money. While raw materials have not been transformed into finished products, and finished products – into money in the account, stocks already by their very existence generate the need for financing.



Always Up For ASpontaneous Trip? Keep This Travel Map Handy

Is spontaneity your middle name? Are you always ready to pack your bags and go globetrotting on a new adventure at a moment’s notice? Are you someone who thinks time wasted on planning a trip is time you could have actually spend exploring a new place? But lately you have been thinking that you need something to keep a track of the places you explore around the world since it can get a bit confusing when you are constantly on the go. What you need is a map of the world. Not just any ordinary map though, a scratch off world travel map to carry around you.

Track Your Adventures With Scratch Map Travel: Luckies of London know in their infinite wisdom know that true globetrotters don’t have time to come home and scratch on a map hung up in their house, they need something more mobile. Enter Scratch Map Travel, the compact map of the world with dimensions of 42 x 29.7 cm that any avid traveller can easily carry in their rucksack. No need to fret about damaging the scratch map, it comes with a funky gift tube which is strong enough to stay unbent under a load of clothes.


  • Uncover Vibrant Colours On The Go: Bright colours will welcome the eyes of the weary traveller once they scratch off the top foil layer off this scratch off map. The underlay is kept simple, a glossy white.
  • State Lines And Small Countries: State boundary lines for USA and Australia are marked on the gold foil of the map along with the provincial boundaries of Canada. For the smaller countries, a handy numbered guide is provided in the legend section to help you find them.
  • Some Extra Fun On The Back: Flip the travel map over and find some interesting things to do to keep you occupied in case you have free time on the trip. Some of the things you can do are:
  • Plot your current journey or plan for the next trip on the blank world map.
  • List down your top five places from around the world.
  • Note down the soundtrack you find yourself associating with the most on this trip.


  • Baggage Tag:For those who like to hold their travel maps in their hands, the tube comes with a tag to write your ownership information on so that no one else can take it by mistake.


Summary:For the avid traveller who is always on the move, Scratch Map Travel is the ultimate world map.

Author Bio: Martin Mason is a trekker who spend more time away from the home sleeping in a sleeping bag on some mountain peak than in the comfort of this own bed.

Getting Started Learning Chinese Online Chinese language school in ang mo kio

More and more people in the world are beginning to learn Chinese online and good Chinese language school in ang mo kio also provides such facilities to the interested students. The answer to the question “why” for sure knows each of you! Everyone has their own tasks, their own interests and their abilities; the only common goal is to master the language at the required level in the shortest possible time and without problems.

The Study For You

This study is addressing just the desperate enthusiasts who want to study the complex and unusual Chinese language without any help. Dear friends, you have come to an uneasy path, but it is quite possible to overcome it, the main thing is a clear goal and understanding of the process. Studies – is primarily a discipline, and not “today I’ll work all day and for a month I’ll throw it.” Without proper self-organization, you risk losing not only time, but, in view of lamentable results, craving for any subsequent training, which is very sad.

Let’s start our journey with self-determination.

From the goal set at the very beginning of the learning, the final result and the ways of achieving it completely depends. Try to formulate for yourself what you want to achieve with the help of Chinese. Probably, it will be something like: to study Chinese language perfectly well, then to find a good job and / or live in China. This is a completely normal idea, but very vague, and it is on it that our further narrative will be built, because someone who clearly knows what he wants, hardly needs common advice. In other words, if you want to become a super-calligrapher, do not teach us.

  • Many are inspired by the rapid economic growth of China, but do not forget that in addition to the language for the work you will need some other specialty related, for example, to trade, logistics, technology or even art. One language, as a rule, is not enough, unless it is a question of simultaneous translations. But an interpreter needs to study at a university.
  • So, are you sure that you want to master the Chinese language comprehensively, then to work somewhere in the Middle Kingdom or on the Great Silk Road? Not a problem – when studying online, it is quite possible to prepare a qualitative base for further improvement of skills in real field conditions.
  • To get started, learn basic information about Chinese hieroglyphics and tones. Suddenly you do not like Chinese? Or seem too complicated? Yes and these tones … What a savagery! Perhaps German is better? In any case, the initial information about the language does not interfere.

Set the criteria by which the result of training will be measured. After all, you cannot improve what can not be measured, and therefore you need to somehow analyze the current skills.

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